St. Margaret Catholic School

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Schools of the Diocese of Lake Charles

The Diocese of Lake Charles, the Diocesan School Board, and the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools reiterate their policy of non-discrimination in admissions to the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Lake Charles.

Saint Margaret School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin in accepting applications for student admission as well as in the administration of educational policies of scholarship and loan programs, and of athletic and extracurricular programs.

Students are accorded, regardless of race, creed, and national origin, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to such persons in each school.

Priority for admission is:

  1. Students from families currently enrolled in St. Margaret Catholic School
  2. Children whose sibling or parent completed the 8th grade at SMCS
  3. Children from this church parish and students transferring from out of town who have a history of Catholic education and who families have registered in the parish; priorities within this category will be determined by seniority as a registered St. Margaret Church parishioner or parish from which they were transferred.
  4. Catholic children from parishes that do not have schools
  5. Catholic children from parishes that have schools, and
  6. Children of other faiths

The only exception to this order of priority is that the principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any student, whether presently enrolled or under consideration for admission, who in the opinion of the principal will not be successful academically or behaviorally at St. Margaret Catholic School or whose parents/guardians have not complied with school policies or procedures.

Age requirements:

  • Pre-Kindergarten: Must be four (4) years old on or before September 30 of the calendar year in which the school year begins.
  • Kindergarten: Must be five (5) years old on or before September 30 of the calendar year in which the school year begins.
  • First Grade: Must be six (6) years old on or before September 30 of the calendar year in which the school year begins.

The following documents must be presented at the time of “Application for Admission

  1. State birth certificate – a copy to be kept by the school
  2. Baptismal certificate (Catholics only)
  3. Immunization record (Health card)
  4. Official transcript of previous grades, test scores, and medical information
  5. In the event of court ordered custody, the custodial parent/guardian will furnish the school with a copy of the court order establishing custody.
  • Students educational needs and school history are considered in determining eligibility for enrollment.
  • Students who have been suspended or expelled from any school are not eligible for enrollment.
  • Students who are under disciplinary action from any school are not eligible for enrollment.
  • If a student enrolls in SMCS and the majority of his/her peers, students, or teachers are negatively affected, the student may be asked to leave.
  • Information provided to the school is verified. False, misleading information given can result in an invalid registration and the student being asked to leave.